The Howard Boys: The Secret of Skeleton Cave (Part 1)

“Good game,” said Hank Howard across the badminton court to his brother Tom.

“I think I need to work on my back hand,” Tom chuckled as he bent over to pick up the shuttlecock.  “Hey, didn’t Dad say he was going to call us today?”

Hank, an athletic nineteen-year-old, toweled off his dark hair.  “Yes, he should be calling us soon.”  Tom, an athletic eighteen-year-old, ran his hand through his blonde hair.  When the brothers stood next to one another, it was easy to see that they were related.  They were both young, athletic, and had hair, but one of them was blonde, Tom, and the other had dark hair, Hank.

The badminton court was in their own personal training center located at the rear of their home.  The boys often used the area to entertain themselves while their father was away on business.  As the brothers walked off the court, the loudspeaker on the wall crackled to life.

“Tom?  Hank?”  It was Mr. Thompson, a close family friend and their father’s business partner.  “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news about your father.”  The brothers stopped dead in their tracks.

“He’s been kidnapped.”  The brothers looked at one another, mouths agape.    The speaker sounded again.  “That sounds weird.  Man-napped?  Stolen maybe.  Someone took your father, boys.”

Mr. John Howard, the boys father, was a well-known detective, responsible for the arrest of hundreds of criminals and the recovery of numerous priceless artifacts.  He often asked his sons to help him with his cases.  They had famously solved The Case of the Confrontational Vampire and most recently the family cracked The Mystery of the Haunted Chinese Bidet.  Mr. Howard had even once helped solve a case for Mr. Hugh Laurie, though he would never tell the boys exactly what he did.

“Look, boys, your father was working on a top secret case,” Mr. Thompson said.  “He has something written about it on this scrap of paper here.  The case of…it’s hard to read his writing.  I think it says, “Skeleton Rave”?”

Tom looked at Hank.  “Skeleton Cave?  I think I remember reading about that at the library!”

“Well let’s go,” Hank said.  “We don’t have a second to waste!”

-To Be Continued-


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