Description of a Women

I saw her on the street while I walked to class.  I awkwardly shifted my book bag over my shoulder when she passed, coffee cup in hand.  She was beautiful.  The first thing I noticed about her was her eyes.  They were giant white saucers that seemed to take up her entire face, with rich, brown circles in the center.  They were the kind of eyes that belonged to a movie star, like Anne Hathaway or someone.

As she walked, she brushed her bangs across her forehead.  She walked with poise, and as I watched her sip from her coffee cup, I couldn’t help but think of the character Anne Hathaway portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada.  Strong, confident, and all business.

She passed someone she knew, and her lips parted in a smile.  Her teeth were a brilliant white, which contrasted perfectly with her full, pink lips.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have sworn I was staring at the poster for Bride Wars.  She moved quickly, powered by her long, slender legs, which looked just like Anne Hathaway’s from Get Smart.  

She greeted her friend, and her voice was instantly familiar.  It was like hearing an old friend or the character Red Puckett from Hoodwinked!.  She had a certain je ne sais quoi, something that words could never describe.  If I had to try though, I would probably say she looked like Emma from that new Anne Hathaway movie, One Day.    

She passed me and quickly disappeared into the crowd.  Seeing her walk away from me, knowing that I may never see her again, was like the end of Rachel Getting Married: deeply upsetting.  However, it was also a little like Havoc, that one movie where Anne Hathaway is naked, because I know that I will always have her memory, and no one can ever take that way from me.  Even if my internet is down, I still have the DVD.


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