Film Reviews of Famous Movies Today

The Bourne Legacy

The last installment of the series features Jarome Renner Bourne fill the shoes of Matt Damon in the lead role.  Movie starts off pretty slowly, but at the end of the film, which will be on the edge of your seat.  This film has everything you want in the summer blockbuster: characters, and weapons, respectively, and motorcycles.  It is one minute adventure that is executed in parallel with the previous films, and will satisfy fans die hard and newcomers alike. 

Total Recall

In this new edition of the 1980s classic cheesy, is updated to work fast and hard to be modern audiences.  This is tight, and full of useful science fiction twists and turns.  You will not be able to see the end of this action-packed entertainment. 

Premium Rush

Premium Rush is a film about the speed of the bicycle.  Why does Neil Patrick Harris ride the bicyle?  He runs from murder because he knows the secret.  Film with a lot of class A car chases, and some incredible stunts really. 

Hope Springs

This film is about Terry Lane Jones and Marilyn Strape.  Lots of laughs sincere because they are old and still have sex.  While the movie is funny in parts, and there are some real feelings and that fills the heart with a sense of the film.  Steve Carol. 


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