Survival Tips

The following are tips for increasing your chance of survival if you find yourself lost in the wilderness.

-Regardless of what you may have read, the number one priority is to get home. If you see a clearly marked path leading to your home, take it. If you even have a rough idea of how you might get home, do that.

-If you find a car, drive that car home.

-At night, temperatures can drop below freezing, so you should make a fire. During the day, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. During this time, do not make a fire.

-If you’re attacked by a bear, shoot it with a gun.

-Something about moss.

-Even in the wild, the best way to catch a fish is with a St. Croix Rod ($140-$300).

-If it starts to rain, build a shelter. This is important. By the time the shelter is finished, it’s probably stopped raining, and building that shelter really helped take your mind off the whole rain situation.

-If you are approached by a mountain lion, the best way to scare it away is to make yourself appear larger. The best way to make yourself appear larger is with a fun house mirror or by sitting on a partner’s shoulders and wearing a long trench coat.

-Remember, only you can prevent forest fires, but honestly, what’s going to draw more attention to you than a burning forest?

-If you happen upon a rattlesnake, remember, they are easily frightened by Bill Cosby impressions.

-Spend most of the day collecting food such as berries, nuts, plants, mushrooms, and Snickers.

-If you’ve run out of drinking water, it is sometimes necessary to drink your own urine. Drinking your urine is much easier if you have crystal light packets.


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