As many of you know, on February 17th, 2013, Pinehurst was hit by a seismic tremor.  It was a historic first for our city, and the surrounding cities of Oakley, Franklin, and Elk River.  Thankfully, our neighboring cities received no notable damage.  Just shaken nerves.

Pinehurst, on the other hand, was devastated.

Many lives were lost when buildings across the city collapsed, including the historic city building, the public library, and the Peoples Bank.  Sink holes opened up in the streets, swallowing whole cars.  Trees were uprooted, roads were fractured, and homes were destroyed.  It was truly a nightmarish scene.

To many, the considerable damage in Pinehurst is perplexing, but several experts are proposing the extensive damage was a result of a general lack of structural support due to this city being built on Rock and Roll.

Experts explain that, as a musical genre and general ideology, Rock and Roll is especially strong, but as a structural foundation for an entire city?  Especially when tested by the force of an earthquake?  Very weak, unfortunately.

The Rock and Roll foundation was laid hundreds of years ago, and to most, seemed like nothing more than a fun trivia fact.  In the wake of this freak natural disaster, we must remember, we made our bed (out of Rock and Roll) and now we must sleep in it.

Shelter and food for those affected by the earthquake can be found at the community centers of Oakley, Franklin, and Elk River.


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